Charlotte 3D Ultrasound   

What do you see from us?

My Sunshine Baby is dedicated to bringing you the very best prenatal experience. We have recognized that this time is precious and only comes exactly once!

We have spent an extraordinary amount of time and money preparing the very best equipment to capture this moment. Our highly trained ultrasound technician will provide you with the very best images, unmatched in the marketplace.

We offer services that NO OTHER studio offers!

  • OUR 3D GLAMOUR PORTRAITS!  These portraits are digitally enhanced using our own proprietary process.  This gives you a beautiful image that you will be proud to show your family and friends and even display!

  • We offer A BOUNDLE OF JOY PACKAGE  that includes mommy's belly photograph, baby's 3D/4D ultrasound and baby's photograph that will give you a forever memory with your special pregnancy!

  • We are a certified 3D-4D Ultrasound Facility.  Our Ultrasound equipment is FDA approved and our sonographer is certified for 3D-4D ultrasound scanning.

  • Our ultrasound packages have been simplified and configured to provide the most value in the industry.

  • Our goal is to make this time for you the BEST time during your pregnancy!

  • Unlike OTHER studios, WE offer a guarantee to our customers!  We are NOT happy if YOU are not HAPPY!
    Now you can see your unborn baby in live 4D motion! My Sunshine Baby Ultrasound Studio uses brand new cutting edge ultrasound technology to bring images of your unborn baby to life. You can actually see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is born! Please click the link to see our sample videos from our Charlotte premiere 3D 4D ultrasound facility - My Sunshine Baby Studio.

    With our state-of-art and FDA approved GE Voluson 730 Expert machine, the movements of your unborn baby inside the womb can be seen with clarity that is difficult to achieve with regular 2D scanning

    With 4D ultrasound scanning, you'll see your baby's motions such as big yawning, opening eyes, smiling, outstretched hands, sucking fingers and toes... You may now put a "face to the name" for your unborn baby!

    Using the same safe ultrasonic sound waves used in your doctor's office, our 4D ultrasound equipment provides a resolution and clarity unsurpassed in the industry. And you may have more images saved in a CD and we record the whole session set with music in DVD that you will carry with you for a lifetime

    Please call us at (704) 523-5696 for an appointment or with any questions